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Ion Chef System

The Ion Chef System fully automates NXType reagent template preparation, including clonal amplification of final library pools, recovery and enrichment of template-positive Ion Sphere™ Particles, and loading of sequencing-ready Ion Torrent semiconductor chips in less than 15 minutes of up-front hands-on time.

Возможности и преимущества

  • Automates template preparation with minimal hands-on time and push-button simplicity
    • Performs isothermal amplification
    • Performs enrichment of Ion Sphere Particles
    • Performs chip loading (loads one chip per run)
  • Utilizes cartridge-based consumables and on-board reagent tracking
  • Walk-away automation standardizes results and eliminates user-variability
  • Single-day workflow with turnaround in as little as 6 hours and 45 minutes


Product Name Ion Chef System
Regulatory For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Use Used to automate the NXType NGS template preparation process.
Package Includes Ion Chef instrument, scanner, cables, and power cord
Dimensions (HWD) 27.6 in. (70.0 cm) x 22.1 (56.1 cm) x 28.1 (71.4 cm)
Weight 150 lb. (68.2 kg)
Customer Notice For specifications, download the Product Sheet from the Product Documentation tab.
Amount 1 system
Product Type Instrument

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